"Great Idea. You're giving us mix of inspiration and actionable knowledge." - @matt_mansour

"It seems quite interesting! Will definitely be upvoted! I think that this collection will definitely be helpful to founders especially when combined with insights and knowledge that users share in other online communities such as IndieHackers. Well done!" - @Lubo

"Startup journey is always hard. It's a long game where founders need to make a lot decisions. With DoThingsThatDon'tScale, I think the struggle is going to get smooth with these incredible hacks. And it's a great platform to find early founder stories." - @5harath

"I love this, interesting to hear about the other side of growth hacking, the tactics that aren't meant to help you but possibly can!" -@Aaronoleary

"So awesome." - @dcancel

"What’s great about going through these stories of unscalable things people did, is that it makes certain aspects of building a startup more accessible.
It strips a lot of gloss from the startup narrative." - @Leandro8209