Most early stage startup problems are quite predictable but the answers aren’t always found in conventional methods. Founders and makers have to go above and beyond to discover new ways to recruit new users, keep existing users delightful, get great referrals and finally turn them into paid loyal customers.
Although there are occasional mentions of such tips in news articles/interviews, most of the knowledge is NOT organized in an easily discoverable fashion. I asked quite a few maker/founder friends of mine how they learned about the hacks and it seemed clear that there is no one simple answer. I felt that this experience could clearly use a crowd-sourced online resource. So I built this simple tool. H/t to Paul Graham (who I owe the credit for the phrase) for writing an excellent article on this topic and popularizing the phrase "Do Things That Don't Scale." The goal of this project is to unearth all the amazing wisdom from real founders who experimented with unconventional and creative ways during the hard early days of their startups. Feel free to add a hack that you came across or personally experimented with that is worth sharing on the site. Thank you!

Paul Graham's article

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